Tax Calculator – Free Online Sales Tax Calculator

The Tax Calculator is a free online income tax calculator that can be used to calculate the expected due amount or refund on a federal tax that needs to be returned. It is designed for U.S. residents and related to the year 2020 and 2021 tax brackets. The tax values for the year 2021 can be used to estimate the 1040-ES, comparison, or future plans.

File Status
No. of Young Dependents Age 0-16
No. of Other Dependents Age 17 or older
Tax Year

Wages, Tips, Other Compensation (W-2 box 1)
Federal Income Tax Withheld (W-2 box 2)
State Income Tax Withheld (W-2 box 17)
Local Income Tax Withheld (W-2 box 19)
Has Business or Self Employment Income?  

Interest Income 1099-INT
Ordinary Dividends  
Qualified Dividends 1099-DIV
Passive Incomes e.g. rentals and real estate, royalties
Short-term Capital Gain  
Long-term Capital Gain  
Other Income e.g. unemployment pay(1099-G), retirement pay (1099-R)
State+Local Tax Rate  

Deductions & Credits
IRA Contributions  
Real Estate Tax  
Mortgage Interest  
Charitable Donations  
Student Loan Interest Max $2,500/Person
Child & Dependent Care Expense Max $3,000/Person, $6,000 total, age 13 or younger
College Education Expense Student 1
  Student 2
  Student 3
  Student 4
Other Deductibles