Free Online Calculators Site – About Us

We are a group of IT professionals that derive joy in creating quality free tools and contents online. The main purpose of this website is to provide a comprehensive collection of free online calculators for ease of public use. The idea about this site came as a result of Neil Patel’s presentation.

All the calculators available on this website are categorized into 3 sections: Health, Financial, and others. All the calculators were developed by a group of experts. Most of the calculators were developed with the use of open-source JavaScript components.

Most of the calculators are based on openly available equations or formulae from textbooks, such as the Mortgage Calculator, Compound Interest Calculator, Percentage Calculator, Fraction calculator among others. Whenever there is a concern about any formula, we used mostly cited and popular formulas as can be seen on our website.

The results of the financial, health, and Math calculators were critically reviewed by a team of experts in these areas in order to have acceptable results. We believed that the available results of all the free online calculators on the site will go a long way to help individuals and corporate organizations to make informed decisions at appropriate levels.